Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Chance Is Gone (Puisi Islamic English)

Assalamualaikum My Friend..ni antara puisi english tentang peluang di hari akhirat..hayatilah...

My Chance is Gone
by Zaki Thompson

I've gone away
No one will ever see me again

I wished I prayed
But I forgot and never cared

But look at me now
I never been so afraid

Standing in front of my God
With tears running down my eyes

Two books opened out in front of me
I've never seen so many pages

I always thought I was good
But it looked like I was so bad

I tired and I tired to tell Allah
That I'm sorry

If He would send me back
I'll change completely

But there is no more chances
I should have been a better Muslim

The Signs on Earth
Showed me that Allah was real

But me thinking stupid
I never thought it was real

That's why I'm here, where I stand
At the gates of Hell

I cried and I cried
But no one is going to help me now


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